San Mateo County

Focus on San Mateo County


To help us understand where current and future Bay Area residents will live, work and get around in San Mateo County and beyond, planners at MTC and ABAG have generated forecasts for jobs, housing, population, travel demand and transportation revenue. To show how these forecasts might play out over time—and to ensure the Plan is meeting the goals Bay Area residents helped identify in 2015—planners have developed three scenarios. Understanding how these three planning scenarios will impact life in San Mateo County helps us recognize what issues may become most important as a preferred scenario is developed and Plan Bay Area updated.

See how the three alternative scenarios might impact population, employment, and housing growth in this county.

Locally Adopted Priority Development Areas (PDAs) and Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs)

San Mateo County is strategically located between San Mateo and Silicon Valley. The Coast Range divides the county into two distinct parts: the bayside and coast. Ninety percent of development in the county is located on the bayside. The communities along the bayside of the Peninsula are home to Fortune 500 headquarters, globally significant firms and research entities as well as many charming town centers and residential neighborhoods. Jobs and housing growth is expected to concentrate in bayside communities, which will reduce growth pressures on the coast and allow the county to retain its agricultural, scenic and natural resource areas in the hills and coastside. Click to view three examples of the 22 locally adopted PDAs in San Mateo County.

Review the information presented in 2015 here.