Website Correspondence

Name: Robert S. Allen

Date: Alameda

County: Alameda

Topic: Transit

Subject: Extend BART to ACE


SB 1 plans extending ACE to Modesto and Merced, I understand.   Extending BART to ACE near Livermore thus becomes even more important.

Livermore's General Plan prefers BART initially to Isabel/I-580, and ultimately at grade in a widened freeway median to a Greenville/I-580 station.

Continue BART east in I-580 median, curving left under westbound I-580 lanes onto former SP roadbed to an ACE intermodal station and BART train yard near the high UP/ACE trestle.  May be able to run BART through existing I-580 structure over former SP track.  Heavy earthwork beyond, but not within the narrow confines of a freeway median.

Extends BART a few thousand feet beyond former planned end of line, but makes for a smooth, low-cost BART extension to an ACE intermodal.station.