Key Phases of Plan Bay Area 2050

Kicking Off the Plan

Summer 2019 to Fall 2019

Launched in February 2018,  the Horizon initiative concluded fall 2019 with recommendations on strategies that will best prepare the Bay Area for an uncertain future. These strategies — delivered through the Futures Final Report and Project Performance Assessment results — form the foundation of Plan Bay Area 2050.

Developing the Blueprint

Fall 2019 to Fall 2020

Through collaboration with the public and with partner agencies, ABAG and MTC developed the Blueprint for Plan Bay Area 2050. Referred to as the Preferred Scenario in earlier plans, the Blueprint integrates transportation, housing, economic and environmental strategies to advance a more resilient and equitable future for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Finalizing the Plan

Fall 2020 to Fall 2021

As part of the development of the Plan Bay Area 2050 document, ABAG and MTC also will produce a shorter-term Implementation Plan, and an associated Environmental Impact Report before finalizing Plan Bay Area 2050. Adoption of Plan Bay Area 2050 by both agencies is scheduled for fall 2021.