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Karl Nielsen

Together, we can work to preserve the things we love about the San Francisco Bay Area — our region's breathtaking natural beauty, dynamic cities, towns and neighborhoods, first-rate cultural and educational institutions, our varied and hardworking transportation system and leading-edge economy. With your involvement, we can plan to remain a strong, resilient region that can bounce back from natural disasters and economic downturns. We can plan ahead now to help our communities grow in a way that leaves a generous legacy for future generations. Will you join us?

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To stay up-to-date on Plan Bay Area 2050, please subscribe to the Plan Bay Area 2050 mailing list. MTC and ABAG send out a monthly email update, highlighting work currently underway as well as offering a list of upcoming events and meetings. Sign up to receive email updates about Plan Bay Area 2050.

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As Plan Bay Area 2050 is developed, ABAG and MTC will host a number of interactive community workshops, pop-up events, webinars, briefings for elected officials and public hearings, among other activities. MTC and ABAG warmly invite you to participate. Your feedback will help shape Plan Bay Area 2050. Sign up to receive email updates about Plan Bay Area 2050.

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Reach MTC and ABAG staff via email or telephone.


Public information line: (415) 778-6757

Public Participation Plan

Review MTC’s Final Public Participation Plan, which describes MTC’s responsibilities, goals and strategies for engaging the public in its planning work and funding allocations. Appendix A outlines planning and decision milestones for the region’s long-range transportation and land use plan, known as Plan Bay Area 2050 – slated to be adopted jointly by MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments in 2021.

To request a copy of the 2018 Public Participation Plan in Spanish or Chinese, please email the Public Information Office at