Website Correspondence

Name: Robert S. Allen

Date: 5/27/17

County: Marin


Subject: Opposition: Plan Bay Area 2040


Plan Bay Area 2040 is in truth "Planned Bay Density Forever." Magical thinking assumes spending $303 billion on Transit-Oriented-Development will encourage switching to mass transit from cars. More accurately, Plan Bay Area 2040 is motivated by "Build and they will come."

The long term costs of Plan Bay Area's faulty assumptions will destroy our economy, the character of our cities and the quality of suburban/rural life by forcing people to live as if every city were an urban center.

There is a prevalent belief among Marin parents that their children should be able to live here by right. I never expected to live in the wealthy community I was raised. Such opportunity was earned after years of living on lower-income areas and miles of freeway driving. No one is assured of living anywhere they desire.

Marin County is a jewel; we owe enormous gratitude to pioneering conservation movements and the individuals who spearheaded them: Gary Giacomini, William Kent, Philip Burton. Residents who cherish their legacy regard Plan Bay Area 2040 as a Leviathan— the next lurking Marincello to be defeated.