Bay Area Travel Map

Bay Area Travel Map

The Plan Bay Area effort addresses climate change, sustainable growth and development, and transportation needs. If you’re not involved in this unprecedented, collaborative, multi-jurisdictional regional planning challenge, we strongly encourage you to learn more.

The Bay Area Travel Map is an interactive tool that allows you to determine the relationship between travel time based on different modes of travel and Bay Area housing prices. Whereas regional planning focuses on the overall health of the entire region, this interactive map site is all about bringing to life the rich regional planning data that’s important to your life. In other words, this map is designed to help translate some of the travel and housing assumptions behind Plan Bay Area and show how details about where we live and work impact our daily lives.

The new map is an expanded version of the original Bay Area Travel Map, which MTC released in 2011. While the original version focused on the present-day housing and transportation situation, the new map lets users explore past and future scenarios across four decades: 2010, 2020, 2030, and 2040.

With a total of six variables for users to control, the Bay Area Travel Map is a sophisticated tool. Yet the variables in the online map represent only a fraction of the data that planners collect and the trade-offs that they must consider when preparing long-range transportation and housing plans such as Plan Bay Area.

We hope you enjoy your exploration of this map and data and find it useful in identifying both the opportunities and challenges you face living in the Bay Area.