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Plan Bay Area 2050 - Tell Us What You Think board with post-it notes
August 28, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in our second round of Plan Bay Area 2050 outreach this summer despite the ongoing trials we face in the Bay Area, including the global coronavirus pandemic and social unrest due to racial inj

African American man using a cell phone outside
July 8, 2020

While a series of Virtual Workshops and Telephone Town Halls will be happening during the Plan Bay Area 2050 Blueprint public comment period - July 10 through August 10, 2020 - busy Bay Area residents are invit

Plan Bay Area 2050: Drafting the Blueprint
July 8, 2020

Check out the Plan Bay Area 2050 Draft Blueprint, which integrates 25 resilient and equitable strategies to make progress toward a more affordable, connected, diverse, healthy and vibrant Bay Area for all.