Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Looking for an answer to a question about Plan Bay Area? Need a term or acronym defined? Curious about the status of the legal challenges filed against the Plan? Look no further: This section highlights key information about the Bay Area’s regional plan.


Our Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) section lists answers for the most commonly asked questions about Plan Bay Area and the regional planning process.


While we strive to use plain language, acronyms and jargon invariably will creep into many discussions about regional planning issues. For this we apologize and offer a glossary of selected acronyms and terms.

Legal Settlements

Shortly after its adoption in July 2013, four legal challenges were filed against Plan Bay Area — the region’s first long-range transportation and housing blueprint adopted by MTC and ABAG. All four suits have been settled out of court or failed at the trial court level. Read more here.